Risperdal Settlement Amounts Revised

Recent developments in the Risperdal Settlement include a $2.5 million dollar verdict out of Philadelphia, this occurred on 2/25/15.

This has spawned an onslaught of attorney advertising, and possibly expanded the scope of the Risperdal Settlement

The potential Risperdal Settlement amounts may have increased almost two fold.

It also seems as though men who took Risperdal will also be covered, not just males under the age of 18.

Risperdal causes gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of the male breast, at this point in time the Risperdal settlement is only for males.

It is thought by certain members of the Risperdal P.S.C which controls the Risperdal Settlement for those affected by Risperdal. That the bellwether trials yet to come will be more bad news for Johnson and Johnson.

Johnson and Johnson have already had to pay 2.2 Billion dollars to the Department of Justice as the J&J Subsidiary Janssen Pleaded Guilty to Misbranding the Antipsychotic Drug.

As I was writing this I just spoke to a distinguished member of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee that told me they have over 30 million documents that establish a string of deception by Jansen and Johnson and Johnson.

Johnson and Johnson have a history of coming to quick settlements if it can be found that they were grossly negligent. We believe that there is a very good chance that will be the case here.

Mind you, nobody knows for sure what Risperdal Settlements amounts will be, but with the new developments, this is looking more like the breakdown.

Revised Risperdal Settlement Amounts.

$100,000-$200,000it is expected for a man who suffers from gynecomastia.

$400,000-$600,000 if you had revision surgery such as liposuction.

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